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10 Reasons why you need Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM)Services


1. Improve equipment efficiency and save on energy and running costs.

2. Identify any potential component failures and minimise likelihood of unit failing and future downtime/loss of revenue.

3. Ensures your equipment and premises comply with important Health & Safety requirements such as the Gas Safety Regulations ie no gas leaks.

4. Provides you with a detailed condition report identifying any items of equipment that may need replacing or refurbishing, which you can use for future budgeting helping you to forward plan the needs of the business.

5. Identify any operational bad practices which could damage the equipment or invalidate the warranty. These can usually be addressed by some simple on site training

6. Check ventilation system is working efficiently, being adequately maintained and there is no risk of dangerous fumes in the kitchen.

7. Helps to ensure that staff operatives are buying into a cleaning/maintenance regime, avoiding the cost of unnecessary component failure.

8. Check to ensure that the manufacturers maintenance guidelines are being implemented, avoiding chargeable warranty calls.

9. Highlights any apparent risks with regard to the general operation of the kitchen and the preparation and serving of food.

10. Proven to extend the lifetime of the equipment protecting the return on your investment

At Unicorn we offer quality catering maintenance with a difference; we’re not interested in quick fixes and papering over cracks and we don’t start by simply telling you how quickly we can get an engineer out to help. Rather than offering a default strategy for dealing with problems, we instead get to understand our clients and their needs so we can tailor our approach and offer a cost-effective plan of action. We focus on optimising the performance of your commercial catering equipment and minimising costs long term.

Our preventative maintenance service helps to minimise the costs and reduce any disruption caused by breakdowns, ensuring your equipment works better for longer. By using unique ID labels for each piece of equipment we streamline processes and make it easier for you to report a fault. We do our best to ensure deteriorating and worn components are replaced before faults develop, reducing incidences of equipment breakdown and downtime, avoiding major costly repairs and ensuring that your business continues to operate smoothly.

We know that time is a valuable commodity and having equipment out of action can be costly, especially in a commercial kitchen environment. Our priority is minimising downtime so you can be back to full speed as soon as possible. We will develop a comprehensive maintenance program and if a problem does occur, our team will assist in diagnosing the fault to enable site staff to take appropriate action and help you avoid unnecessary engineer call outs. Our catering maintenance services are focused on pre-empting and preventing common problems 

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